CP3 IDFA Meet & Greet

The Africa Real Collective (ARC) and the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) in association with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) present the CP3 (Cross-Continental Connections) IDFA Meet & Greet an event designed as a semi-formal gathering of both the respective organisations’ representatives and delegations attending this year’s edition of the festival, as well as partner organisations and interested parties.

This meet and greet will be characterized by a cocktail-style meet-up wherein attendees freely interact with each other and is interspersed with huddles where various Delegate-Rep groups will discuss one of the Key Discussion Topics, outlined below. There will be facilitators, to steer the discussions and animate the event.


The meet and greet aims to foster a meaningful connection between the various delegations and the organisations supporting the documentary eco-system, leveraging previous thematic questions as conversation starters. This event seeks to enrich the experience of both groups at IDFA by facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration.

We encourage members of the participating delegations to deepen their engagement with the various organisations in their respective regions of operations. This collaboration can lead to enhanced networking opportunities and collective support between the African and International documentary filmmaking community.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Archives: Balancing preservation and accessibility of cultural archives in a digital age, considering ethical use of archival materials.
  • Funding: Innovative funding models for African documentary filmmakers and engaging audiences for sustainable funding.
  • Collaboration: Building collaborative archives, attracting impact investments, and fostering collaboration with local institutions.
  • Language & Access: Addressing language barriers and ensuring global accessibility for non-English speaking filmmakers.
  • Futureproofing: Strategies to ensure the long-term accessibility and perseveration of digital archives.