Date: Saturday, 11th of November 2023 

Time: 15:00 – 16:30 

Venue: Vondel French Room, IDFA HQ, Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam, NL 

The Africa Real Collective (ARC) and the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE), in collaboration with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), present the CP3 (Cross-Continental Connections) IDFA Meet & Greet. This gathering aimed to bring together representatives, delegations and partners from ARC, DAE, and festival attendees for an enriching exchange of ideas and collaboration. 



The event, set in the Vondel French Room at the new IDFA HQ, was a cocktail-style meet-up encouraging free interaction among attendees. Attendees engaged in huddles, discussing key topics outlined for the occasion. Our facilitators, Austin Nyambok (DocA) and Marion Schmidt (DAE) guided these discussions, ensuring a dynamic and animated atmosphere. 



The primary objective was to foster meaningful connections between delegations and organizations supporting the documentary ecosystem. By leveraging thematic questions as conversation starters, the meet and greet aims to enhance the IDFA experience for all participants. The event sought to encourage deeper engagement between delegations and organizations, fostering networking opportunities and collective support within the African and International documentary filmmaking community. 

Key Discussion Topics

Global Collaboration Dynamics: 

The first discussion topic revolved around understanding the various dynamics related to global collaboration in the context of documentary filmmaking. Group 2 emphasized that collaboration involved audience building, knowledge sharing, shared values, and breaking language barriers. Group 3 delved into the role of language barriers, the global ecosystem, and strategies such as co-productions and lobbying governments to facilitate international collaboration.


2. Innovative Funding Models for Filmmakers & Producers: 

Groups 1 and 5 explored innovative funding models for filmmakers and producers. Group 1 suggested filmmakers and producers collectively invest in income-generating assets, while Group 5 sought to identify novel funding approaches for supporting documentary projects.


3. Addressing Language Barriers: 

The third topic focused on addressing language barriers and ensuring global accessibility for non-English speaking filmmakers. Group 3 considered factors such as linguistic diversity, the role of technology, and the application of AI in breaking language barriers. Meanwhile, Group 2 emphasized the need for a decolonizing mindset, funding tools, and promoting inclusiveness in language access. 


4. Funding Models for Doc Organizations: 

Groups 4 and 1 tackled the challenge of funding models for documentary organizations. Group 4 emphasized the significance of unions in lobbying for industry rates and conditions, while Group 1 suggested that documentary organizations should position themselves to incentivize high net worth individuals to invest in cultural initiatives. 


5. Dynamics of Regional Co-production: 

The final key discussion topic explored the dynamics of regional co-production. Groups 5 and 4 stressed the importance of having a clear agenda for collaborations and challenged existing structures to ensure fairness. Factors such as intellectual property, creative input, and the purpose behind entering co-productions were essential considerations.

In conclusion, the CP3 IDFA Meet & Greet culminated in a collaborative atmosphere where critical aspects of the documentary filmmaking landscape were discussed. By delving into these key discussion topics, the event sought to facilitate knowledge sharing, innovation, and networking opportunities within the global documentary community.